Covid survivors at higher risk of brain, mental health disorders: Study


In a study of more than 2.3 Lac mostly American patients, 1 in 3 Covid-19 survivors were diagnosed with a brain or psychiatric disorder within 6 months. This suggests that the pandemic could lead to a wave of mental & neurological problems.


The new findings, published in the Lancet Psychiatry journal, analysed health records of 2,36,379 Covid-19 patients, mostly from the United States, and found 34 per cent had been diagnosed with neurological or psychiatric illnesses within six months.


The study was not able to determine the biological or psychological mechanisms involved, he said, but urgent research is needed to identify these "with a view to preventing or treating them".

Health experts are increasingly concerned by evidence of higher risks of brain and mental health disorders among Covid-19 survivors. A previous study by the same researchers found last year that 20 per cent of Covid-19 survivors were diagnosed with a psychiatric disorder within three months.


Post-COVID cases of stroke, dementia and other neurological disorders were rarer, the researchers said, but were still significant, especially in those who had severe Covid-19.