The work of British children’s author, Enid Blyton has been condemned as racist & xenophobic by a British charity. The charity's website reads, “Blyton’s work has been criticized during her lifetime & after for its racism, xenophobia & lack of literary merit.”


British Charity Flags "Racism, Xenophobia" In Children's Author Enid Blyton's Books


The work of Enid Blyton, one of Britain’s most cherished children’s authors whose books are among the most translated in the world, has been condemned as racist and xenophobic by a cultural foundation in the latest episode of Britain’s divisive culture wars.


“Blyton’s work has been criticized during her lifetime and after for its racism, xenophobia, and lack of literary merit,” the website reads, citing a 1996 report from the Guardian that explores Blyton’s book “The Little Black Doll,” which sees the character of Sambo only being accepted once its “ugly black face” is washed “clean” by the rain.

English Heritage said Thursday that their website serves to provide readers with a “full picture” of those commemorated with a blue plaque, adding it would also seek to address “any uncomfortable aspects” of one’s life.


Following the string of protests across the country last summer, British Heritage announced it would be reviewing its collection of almost 1,000 blue plaques, as local governments and officials began working to address controversial statues and street names.