WhatsApp is adding a new feature to the app with a new update. Users will now be able to add unwanted chats to the ‘Archived’ folder even when new messages come in. On receiving new messages from the archived chats, the chats will not come back to the top.


WhatsApp New Feature: Now users can archive chats even after new messages


WhatsApp will finally add a long-awaited feature to the app with a new update. The instant messaging app will now let users add unwanted chats to the ‘Archived’ folder and the chats will now stay in the folder when new messages come in, instead of coming back to the top, out of the Archived folder.


Tuesday, 27/07/2021


The new feature will let users have more control over their inbox, along with more ways to organize their Archived folders. The feature will also let users stay clear of non-priority messages from clouding up the top of their chat list.

Even though the feature sounds handy, not everyone may take a liking to it. In case users do not want to use the new implementation, they will be able to switch back to the original Archived folder implementation from the app’s settings.