A Turkish Airlines flight suffered technical snag mid-air and hovered over Istanbul for nearly four hours. No passenger suffered any injury. South African musician, Master KG who was one of the passengers on the flight had tweeted about the incident.




Turkish Airlines’ flight suffers engine failure, hovers in air for 4 hours


A Turkish Airlines’ flight suffered a technical snag mid-air and hovered in air for nearly four hours, triggering panic among passengers.




The flight TK42 departed from Istanbul International Airport.


Turkish Airlines left side engine just exploded after we take off from Istanbul. 

The pilots reportedly shut down the engine immediately and started preparations to make a safe landing back in Istanbul. They also announced that the aircraft was facing technical snag over the passenger announcement system.

To avoid hard landing, the pilots off loaded the weight of the flight which was loaded with fuel for the onward journey, by taking more than 20 circuits over the Black Sea to burn jet fuel.

This took more than four hours.

No passenger suffered any injury but they had to wait for hours for a replacement aircraft for their scheduled journey.