A woman named Meggy Johnson spends about 4 lakh Rs. every year on her 2 pet pigeons. They have their own rooms, wardrobe & bathrooms. Meggy rescued these pigeons named Sky & Moose after they were abandoned. The birds also get birthday parties from Meggy.




Woman spends Rs 4 lakh a year on pet pigeons who have their own room, bathroom, and wardrobe


The birds at Meggy Johnson's place are pampered with annual care and health fashion budget of £4,000 (Rs 4 lakh). They have their own bathroom, wardrobe, and a stroller for walks.


Tuesday, 14/09/2021


Meggy said she rescued her two pigeons, Sky and Moose after they were abandoned as chicks.

Once she took them in, she hand-fed them with a tube for several weeks and nursed them back to good health. Now, they are tame as cats and dogs and have become fashionistas in their own way.

“They have their own converted bedroom which is their space, and they have all their little perches, toys, and wardrobe. They live the life of luxury. They are fashionistas and have their own wardrobe with about 17 outfits – each one costs between £25 and £30." the 23-year-old said, as per Metro.co.uk.

“They do look super cool, but the outfits are also really practical because they catch their poo and help keep the house clean,” she added.

Meggy said she takes them out for walks in gardens in a little 'pigeon stroller'. The birds also get birthday parties from Meggy. She even got in touch with wildlife rescue centers and soon turned into an avid pigeon rescuer.